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We Think Sushi Is A Wonder Food

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We are passionate and innovative students who founded the company Switch Up Sushi. 

Switch Up Sushi is a collaborative dream that we are pursuing in the hopes of advocating for the health, well-being, and sustainability of our community and the environment.

Our sushi is freshly made each day with tender love and care. We have within ourselves a duty to become a part of the change towards a better future for the new sustainable era and healthy planet earth.


We are based in Leicester, which is where our focus lies in terms of contributing to the future of our economy


We aim to promote and introduce a new way of healthy consumption.

Our desire is to avoid obesity and produce products that are high in nutrition and require less water and land.

The company’s mission is to work towards sustainability and environmental welfare.



Our ecological values move us toward maintaining the principles of natural systems as best as we can. Economic values are important to us that benefit individuals through efficiency, relatability, aesthetic appeal and cost.


Educational values are a core part of our company as we do not simply try to supply more knowledge to people but provide valuable activities that encourage fairness, honor, and generosity. We exercise legal values through dignity and impartiality and provide documents that protect the rights and interests of those who have been wrongfully faulted.


Recreational values are a priority to us, as they encourage the public to engage in activities which include recreation and relaxation. Egocentric values come into play that focus on an individual's self-actualisation and personal fulfilment. Lastly, social values are a part of this company, which promote moral principles of society for example human empathy, respect, community, and social position.

Tempura salmon


As a company we are working towards our future goals to help support local charities and reduce our carbon footprint by way of recycled takeaway dishes, bags, cutlery, cups and straws. The role of recycling is to benefit the environment and reduce waste, as well as have positive contributions towards global warming and save the world's forests.

California Sushi Rolls are on Wooden Plate
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